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    Now that all students around the globe have been forced to experience online learning in some form or another, many have seen the benefits that distance learning has to offer and some have found that it suits their own learning style better than traditional methods.  Advantages of online learning include increased flexibility in terms of time, learning at one‘s own pace, and increased options in courses.  In addition, Qibao Dwight students have reported how during their recent online learning journey, their skills in time-management, organization and communication have all greatly developed.


    Qibao Dwight has been engaging with online options since we opened in 2014.  In order to meet our students’ diverse needs and interests, students have taken IB Course through Pamoja each year.  In addition, starting last year, students have begun to enroll in Dwight Global AP courses.  A learning s more students get comfortable with new ways of learning, we are looking to expand our online offerings to interested students. 


    Qibao Dwight Students have three main ways to engage in Online Learning Programs: Blended Learning Program, Gap Year Program, Dwight Global.

    七宝德怀特有三种主要在线学习方式:融合学习项目 、间隔年项目、德怀特全球

    The blended learning program is for students who have interests in academic areas that fall outside the QDHS curriculum and students who want more flexibility in their schedule.  This program suits students with strong academic backgrounds, good time management, and are well organized.  Students can take courses from Dwight Global or Pamoja either in lieu of or in addition to QDHS curriculum.  

    融合学习项目十分适合对QDHS在校程以外的学术领域抱有浓厚兴趣,或渴求更高学业灵活度的学生。该课程适合具有较好学术探究、时间安排和自我管理能力的学生。学生可以在Dwight Global或Pamoja学习课程,以代替或补充七德在校课程。

    In addition to the increase in choices of classes, students will have fewer scheduled classes per week but will need to arrange their own time accordingly to ensure to get all their work done.  Since online courses follow a different schedule than QDHS, students will have fewer exams during mid-term and finals week.  This also means that when QDHS has holidays such as National Day and Chinese New Year’s, students will need to continue with their online classes.


    The Gap Year program benefits students who want to take the time and space to develop interests outside the QDHS Curriculum.  Students who complete a gap year show significant growth in skills such as organization, time management, motivation and reflection.  In addition, this allows students to be better prepared for entering the IB Diploma Programme or CAIE A-Levels, helping them gain more from their overall high school experience.

    间隔年项目极其适合有意在QDHS在校课程以外进行学术兴趣拓展的学生。参与间隔年项目的学生在综合能力方面,如组织协调、时间管理、自我动力和反思提升等各方面都有显著提升。此外,如此课程可帮助让生为IB DP或CAIE A-Levels做充分准备,帮助他们从高中生活中获益更多。

    Courses use the model of a blended, flipped synchronous seminar approach with a college-style class schedule.  The model is blended because it mixes synchronous (real-time, online, video-based, virtual classroom) and asynchronous (recorded lectures and seminars, and other pre-existing materials available on demand) components.  The model is flipped because students are expected to watch the lectures before they come to class, so that seminar time can be used for active discussion.  Classes meet for two hours per week of synchronous lessons. 


    Current courses offered through Dwight Global can be found at 目前德怀特全球提供课程: 


    Pamoja works with the IBO and CAEI to offer certain IB, A-level, and IGCSE courses to students from schools around the world.  A student’s typical week schedule consists of two smaller assignments and one large assignment with a live lesson approximately once every two weeks.  Each week’s work starts on a Wednesday and ends the following Tuesday. 



    All course work and exams are completed through the Pamoja platform following the Pamoja schedule.   Classes start in September and finish at the end of May.  Holiday schedules may not match QDHS holidays meaning students will have to complete Pamoja work during China National Day holiday and Lunar New Year.  Reports are issued 3 times per year and include a grade and comment.  Final IB, IGCSE, and A-Level exams will take place at QDHS along with other students. 



    Current courses offered through Pamoja can be found at 目前Pamoja提供课程: